On a range from 1-10, I'll give you 100. Everything was perfect, sailing,snorkeling,cooking,shooting star watching, diving and all the rest. I don't think anyone could have taken better care of us during those wonderfull 5 days. Keep going and whatever you do , don't change a thing!! :-). My first dreaming was to do a cruise like this at least once in my life, and my second dream is to do it again .... Hope to see you again some day, somewhere.

Many thanks to Bob and Leanne.

Ladislus. December 1997 French,
Fully Crewed Charter - family of 7

After four wonderfull days of sailing and fun one can say that without hesitation that the Motto of "Lizard of Oz" could very well be to care. And God knows that Bob and Leanne did care for us, once they discovered Frenchies could speak English. No sparing of good views, ideal winds for sailing, snorkeling under high currents in Bamboo Island, a bit of rain, and night sailing, all of it was there. Thanks a lot for this trip which we all enjoyed each of us with our personal sensitivity.

Marc. 31st December 1997 French
Fully Crewed Charter - one family of 7

Thanks for this amazing trip. It was a dream come true, and I would say that it was better than a dream. All I can say is that I know I wasnt dreaming, nobody was there to pinch me, but I had my sunburn to wake me up.

Happy to come back soon.

Tierra 31st December 1997 French
Fully Crewed Charter same as above

Bob had a excellant whisky aboard. Bob's culinary skills involved the infusion of alcohol to balance out the mundane but never the less tasty ingrediants. His Piece De Resistance is undoubtably the fruit cocktail "Flat out Like a Lizard Punch" . Consiquently the trip is a distant hazy memory even though it was yesterday. I do seem to remember sone islands and sharks though.

M. C. Driver Jeddah USA 28th January 1998 United States
Fully Crewed Charter

"Oh Captain, My Captain".... What a excellant way to spend a honeymoon in Thailand! Breathtaking diving, awsome cooking, and the best floating home a couple could ask for. We we even able to endure the pain of having to be stranded an extra night on the boat! Note: The storm was Bob's fault as he leaned on the front of a "longtail" boat. All around a very special and memorable honeymoon.

Andy and Tina November 1998 United States
Skipper only Dive Charter - I also did the cooking for 5 days!!

Thank you for introducing 3 landlubbers to the joys of catamaran sailing ( switch left rinse, swith right pump ) & windless sailing, spectacular scenery, New Years fireworks on Railey Beach, 60 palm trees that were planted for Leonado's film ( The Beach) & Aurelie's 5 star cooking .... they were all part of one wonderfull holiday. Our aquired agility in getting in and out of the dinghy will be usefull for many years to come.

May your Sang Tip's and Coke always flow freely on the Lizard of Oz

Hans, Edith, Maeva Freeman 4th January 1999 Australia and Tahiti
Fully Crewed Charter

The Neumann clan came from fields afar to spend these days on the Lizard. We shall return to those places having spent some wonderfull days together organised by skipper Bob and chef extrodinare Margot. The sunsets, the beaches, the Hongs, the sail trip and snorkeling all topped off witth beautifull foot.

Thank you both for helping to make this special holiday as special as I could have wished

Sally Neumann / Kate Newmann 5th december 1999 Australia
Fully Crewed Charter

Our 10 year anniversary trip was perfect thanks. All your efforts ( and Margot + Beef's) You covered almost everything on max's never ending list, plus some extras. Whenever you need a little rain, just break out our sheets and lay them on the nets on the bow. Wobbly Boats Margot's cooking was excellant and she was such a pleasure to meet also. Beef's dives were such a treat and we learned so much . Thank you for much needed private time with my wonderfull husband. We'll treasure these 10 days forever -

Synthia ( The Maithai dancer) November 2000 United States
Fully Crewed dive charter

Bob ! 43 pumps int the forward shower seems to be the record! However I will try to improve my showering skills so that it increases to 50 pumps per shower - Thank you very much for a fantastic sail -your good humour, patience, and driving skills

Margot: Thank you again form both of us for the fantastic cooking, also good humourm patience and understanding these strange people from Argentina.

Charles & Susan Roberts Buenes Aires - Argentina 2nd December 2000 Argentina
Fully Crewed charter

Captain Bob
Thanks for the fantastic week on a great week over the festive period .... I am sure your French has improved tenfold..... mmmm well I guess you can say "Pascale".... You must -be-Joking".... and well I'm sure you know the rest.

Always great to eat for made by someone who's passionate about the cooking. Every meal was very much appreciated by everyone.... Thanks Again.

Carin: ... The professional dive instructor with a lot of patience ... just improve on the Back Gammon !! ;-)
Wonderfull trip and the food was adorable

Sarah, Pascale 24th December 2000 French
Fully Crewed charter

To Bob, The only person possibily in history to have convinced this land lover that the sea is a fun place to be - quite a acheivment! You showed us the poetry of sailing, flying fish, dolphins and secret exotic places.... Especially that little cupboard " under the settee" A party animal that put the " slightly younger one" ones of us to shame - with your enegry, generosity and vigour!

Thank you so much for such a memorable couple of weeks, and letting your home be our home, especially the kitchen

Justine February 2002 Swiss
Skipper only charter

Hi Skipper!
Its been a wonderfull trip aboard your floating cinema. Before this trip I couldn't even imagine that life in a boat can be so relaxing, joyfull and thoroughly adventurous. And this was of course not so much the acheivement of Lizard of oz but more the one of bob the skipper.

Thank you very much Shana 23rd December 2002 Swiss
Skipper only Charter

The Hannan family thanks you firstly for the hours and hours of video's to keep the boys amused. Alicia and Lachan will enjoy recounting the night life tales on Phi Phi Island of Oy and the giant dancing.

I christened the net hole and Neil enjoyed the sailing. If you get lonely we can send morgan back to keep you company.
Had a great time. See you in Oz sometime.

Judy, Neil, Alicia, Lachlan, Morgan 9th January 2003 Australian
Fully Crewed Charter

Our best decision was the have a "captained" sailing trip. Having five guests was a perfect number. In no particular order of importance: we enjoyed the good freinds, good food, good sailing, good ports of call and good weather. Thanks for filling three days with the maximum of each. We would recommend your services to anyone wanting to see this part of Thailand from the water.

Barry September 2008 USA
Skipper only charter

The trip was everything I imagined! And it was because of your efforts that made it possible. At such a young age I cant understand how much experience you demonstrated. I wish you all the best inn the future and if your travels bring you to California you must certainly visit and be our guests.

Fondly Sharyn September 2008 USA
Guest from charter above.

Dear Shane,
Thank you for such a amazing and beautifull weekend, once again you made a fantastic time together possible. I had a very special weekend, with quality people... a weekend not to be forgotten
Your great, thans so much!

Mia 28th September 2008 Zimbabwe
Skipper only

Dear Shane,
Its been an absolute pleasure and super fun. I particulary liked the way you navigaed through the very large rocks we found and of course the splash you make when you jump off the boat! I will certainly be recommending Chameleon and yourself to all of my freinds in London and wherever I may be in Germany. What a incredible time!

Bloody Good Show!!

Best Wishes Dana UK 2008
Skipper only

Although we sail together for 20 years and never had a skipper before you perfectly fitted in to the team. You gave us a marvelous week and your local knowledge was priceless, as well for finding our way for as for finding good restaurants and beautiful spots.

It was a great week thanks

Peter Van Veen 8th October 2008 Dutch
Skipper only

Great Captain Shane,
Unforgettable week sailing with you, and some of my freinds from Holland knowing each other for more than 30 years. Great places, Big Fun, nice winds and so--- good reason to come back. You did a great job, with a South African sense of humour!
Hope to meet you soon again " Somewhere on Planet Earth

Tram 11th October 2008 Dutch
Skipper only

We had an absolute blast and Chris and Fon where wonderful hosts and lots of fun

Samantha and group August 2010
Fully Crewed
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